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Each of the following pages demonstrates pulling data from multiple sources to make a coherant display. Otherwise, it would be simpler just to go out and find the information somewhere else. By combining the information here, this makes the tool more useful, as well as demonstrates each piece of the game's architecture.


Most popular player skins and character classes.


Maps with matching game-types and bots configured. TODO: all of them.


Recent games played with player rankings.


Playable games (Mods!) hosted on running servers.

Sample data

  bsp: "q3ctf2"
  have: false
  levelshot: "/unknownmap.jpg"
  link: "games/"
  mapname: "q3ctf2"
  title: "Lightning CTF"

This data is a small view of the data collected from querying servers for detailed information. This view is built based on this full server data:

  address: ""
  challenge: "!&814c)sQ"
  clients: "5"
  g_humanplayers: "0"
  g_needpass: "0"
  game: "TIGER-X"
  gamename: "Quake3Arena"
  gametype: "0"
  hostname: "ThunderCats-Fury"
  mapname: "q3dm5"
  port: 27888
  protocol: "68"
  pure: "0"
  sv_maxclients: "15"
  voip: "opus"