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Asset server

By default, the server responds with a plain HTML page with links for the directory listing. For your convenience, and for the sake of navigation, entering the directory listing through this interface will continue to show the menu. At any time, the `X` button can be pressed to get a plain HTML directory list.

Each of these datas are associated with a number of source or endpoints those raw sources are made available at each endpoint by adding `?json` to the end of the URL, as the first part of the query-string. Links to all the end-points and sample-data are provided in the sections below. For more detailed data, and data-manipulation tools, visit the metadata section.


Most popular player skins and character classes.


Maps with matching game-types and bots configured. TODO: all of them.


Recent games played with player rankings.


Playable games (Mods!) hosted on running servers.

Sample data

  bsp: "q3ctf2"
  have: false
  levelshot: "/unknownmap.jpg"
  link: "games/"
  mapname: "q3ctf2"
  title: "Lightning CTF"

This data is a small view of the data collected from querying servers for detailed information. This view is built based on this full server data:

  address: ""
  challenge: "!&814c)sQ"
  clients: "5"
  g_humanplayers: "0"
  g_needpass: "0"
  game: "TIGER-X"
  gamename: "Quake3Arena"
  gametype: "0"
  hostname: "ThunderCats-Fury"
  mapname: "q3dm5"
  port: 27888
  protocol: "68"
  pure: "0"
  sv_maxclients: "15"
  voip: "opus"